BIO PACK BG Ltd. took an active part in the first of its kind advisory council for waste management

BIO PACK BG Ltd. took an active part in the first of its kind advisory council for waste management.

"The first meeting of the newly formed Consultative Council for Waste Management on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas and regions is being held in Burgas. The initiative aims to upgrade a system for their separate collection, recycling and reuse for different purposes.

In the Advisory Board, the Deputy Mayor Vesna Baltina, Ivelina Vasileva - Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and leaders, representatives of state and local authorities, business, as well as experts in the field of ecology and environmental hazards.

Among the accents of the Advisory Board is the creation of principles of the circular economy, which has a general maximum utilization of the generating waste and its transformation into a useful resource.

The Deputy Mayor of Burgas Vesna Baltina presents targeted areas through which the Advisory Board will work. One of them is based on an integrated model for sustainable management of relegation by involving all stakeholders. The other approach would be to test campaigns and training on the circular economy. It is also envisaged to approve educational programs in educational institutions and to introduce special practices in vocational high schools dedicated to individual events, waste recycling.

One of the ideas of the Municipality of Burgas in this regard is the development of a "blue label". It will be given to establishments that refuse the use of disposable plastic utensils.

Ivelina Vasileva represents, Burgas is a leader in the country in the application of modern technologies and development of projects to limit the amount of waste deposited.

The ambition of the Advisory Board is for the region of Burgas to become water in the country by applying innovative methods for waste treatment and reuse of the raw materials obtained from it. "

News source: https://www.burgas.bg/bg/novini/v-burgas-se-provede-parviya-po-roda-si-konsultativen-savet-za-upravlenie-na-otpadatsite/