100% biodegradable bags

Our bags are 100% biodegradable, produced from corn starch, certified by TUV Austria with OK COMPOST under EU Directive and standard 13432. The material is made of renewable sources, degraded by the natural action of microorganisms in the earth, without any interference from other induced substances. They are non-toxic and take less time to decompose. They decompose into organic.
- in accordance with Directive 13432 of the European Union; 

- made from maize substance - renewable sources; 

- fertilizers after decomposition into the environment; 

- extremely soft and pleasant to the touch (unique);

 - no product fee is charged. 

The prices for branded bags are formed on the basis of individual projects, according to the following criteria:

 - size 

- thickness 

- number of print colors

 - order quantity

 Additional conditions: Upon initial order a matrix is used which is used for subsequent seals! 

Branding of your choice!