Packaging Materials


Polyactic acid "cornstarch" - or PLA - 

  is derived from the resin of cornstarch or other natural starches, which are fully renewable and therefore a completely sustainable packaging resource. PLA is lightweight and durable and is safe and non-toxic. Corn starch packaging is 100% compostable under industrial composting conditions. 

"Potato starch" 

     The potato starch we use comes from waste potatoes, not from a crop grown specifically for their production. The 100% compostable material contains no oil-based materials, plastics or harmful toxins and carries EN13432 certification. It is durable but will break down in just 12 weeks into a compost heap, making it an ideal material for multi-purpose retail bags or hygienic household disposal bags.

"Post-consumer recycled waste" 

    Some of our products contain recycled post-consumer waste, which is biodegradable and compostable - and very sustainable as a raw material. We rigorously test their suitability for direct food contact, including FDA and PIRA certifications.

"Palm Leaves" 

BIO PACK BG Products® - palm leaf products come from the ARECA variety of palm tree. These specific trees grow in Asian countries, especially in India, as they are favoured by the tropical climate. ARECA palm fronds can reach up to two metres in length! When the leaves mature, they fall off and are collected by the growers to be used as raw material for the production of these wonderful, all-natural tableware. Once harvested, the palm leaves are cleaned, sterilised, placed in moulds and pressed. The pressure applied to them gives them their final shape. No two are the same as the other, because each leaf is unique. So nature itself gives us our own dishes, plates and bowls. Enjoy your meals in palm leaf tableware.  Feel at one with nature!



 The wooden series of BIO PACK BG Products® come from 100% natural birch. Birch is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of 20 to 25 meters. It grows in cold climates and moist soil and is highly resistant to moisture. Birch wood is a hard and durable material. No chemical additives are used during the production of disposable wood products. BG Products® BIO PACK wood is produced from responsibly managed forests. These products are an eco-alternative to single-use plastics.

"Sugar Cane or Bagasse"


 Sugarcane plant first appeared and cultivated on islands in the South Pacific. In fact, New Guinea is considered the birthplace of the sugar cane. This valuable plant can grow very quickly, although it can reach 3 to 6 metres in height. BIO PACK BG Products® from sugar cane are produced from t. Nar. Bagasse, i.e. from the residual fibrous material that remains after the sugar cane has been pressed to produce sugar. Precisely because it is a by-product of sugar, its collection does not require additional arable land.Sugarcane products have very good properties. They are stable, robust and resistant. They can withstand very low and very high temperatures and are therefore suitable for use in freezers and microwave ovens. They are also water and grease resistant and can store hot, greasy foods and snacks. Sugar cane is a natural by-product of the sugar industry that would be conditionally disposed of in landfill or incinerated.


The BIO PACK BG Products® series also has disposable bamboo products. The famous bamboo plant can reach up to 40 metres in height and is very robust. It thrives in deep and fertile soils inaccessible to cold winds. Bamboo sticks are naturally harvested and utensils made from them contain no chemical additives. Our bamboo products are produced from responsibly managed plantations. Choose BG Products® Bamboo BIO PACK and protect the environment.


According to Chinese tradition, the discovery of paper dates back to 105 AD. It was in 105 AD when Cai Lun, a great court official, expressed his inspiration to the emperor of the Han Hoti dynasty. His idea was to create paper out of materials such as tree bark, hemp fibers, old rags and pieces of silk. He blended all these materials by pounding them in water. He then poured the pulp onto a slab and let it dry in the sun. The art of making paper quickly spread around the world.

Paper has proven to be a timeless invention and is now also used to make many types of disposable products. BIO PACK BG Products® paper products are environmentally friendly as they are produced from responsibly managed forests. This ensures that forests will not be destroyed through this process. In addition, the range includes single-use products without a plastic coating or with a biodegradable and compostable coating (PLA) that can be recycled, biodegraded and composted with a minimal ecological footprint. Choose them and make a difference now!

"Water-based products"

BIO PACK BG Products® water-based line introduces new paper products with an internal water-based emulsion coating. These products are recyclable as no separation of the inner lining from the paper is required. They are compostable in 75 days under dry and aerobic conditions to compostable and biodegradable in an anaerobic environment within 52 days.

They are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly as the paper used as raw material for their production comes from responsibly managed forests. Use these innovative paper products that can return to the environment naturally after use.

"Biodegradable nitrile"

 BIO PACK BG Products® is the first company in Bulgaria to include disposable nitrile gloves in its range. BIO PACK BG Products® nitrile gloves are specifically designed to protect the environment as they are biodegradable in both anaerobic and aerobic landfill conditions. The material from which they are made is suitable and capable of undergoing biological aerobic or anaerobic decomposition resulting in the production of CO2 (carbon dioxide), H2O (water), methane, biomass and minerals depending on the environmental conditions of the process. 

You may be asking yourself how exactly do disposable nitrile gloves degrade and how do they protect the environment?

The special composition of our BIO PACK BG Products® biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves attracts specific microbes and microbes from the landfill soil (when they come in contact). The microorganisms feed on them gradually and lead to their biodegradation. This procedure reduces the accumulation of waste in landfills and thus the environment is protected! Biodegradable nitrile gloves take 8 to 10 years to degrade, whereas conventional nitrile gloves take hundreds of years. These days, gloves are more necessary than ever. Choose BIO PACK BG Products® biodegradable and food safe nitrile gloves to protect yourself and the environment!