General conditions for order

Orders are accepted at the e-mail address of BIO PACK BG Ltd.: info@bio-pack.bg or at  +359 888 888 622

Payment: Payment for orders is made in advance by bank transfer after an invoice has been issued or in cash upon delivery by courier. Products that we do not hold in stock require a 50% down payment on an order for which an advance invoice is issued. For regular customers, it is possible to specify a deferred payment option that will be subject to a supplementary agreement.

The delivery is made with one of our distributors in the country, if there is no one in the place, you can also have a courier at the expense of the customer with a courier service from the company "Econt Express" Ltd. or a courier of your choice. Delivery cost is to be paid by the consignee. Delivery of available products is made within two business days for cash orders and for those paid in advance. Initial delivery for products that are not in stock will take about 3 weeks. If there is an expressed interest in the continued use of an item that we have not previously kept in stock, it is included in the list of stocked products and the delivery time of 3 weeks will expire.

For branded products, the delivery times are specified on order. When ordering branded goods, the quantities are subject to a correction of + - 10% of the actual production.

Return of Goods and Returns: We accept return of goods only in unbroken packaging. For products that are packed in cartons and individual stacks, this means that unpacked stacks are accepted. For products that are in a carton but not divided into individual stacks, only unpacked cartons are accepted. The return time is 12 working days from the date of delivery. Goods for which a manufacturing defect has been identified, we seize the entire quantity of defective items and then replace them free of charge with the same. We do not accept products that have been defective as a result of improper storage. Products should not be stored in damp areas! PLA products should never be stored in hot areas or in direct sunlight!

Availability: For the sake of fast and correct work, we do our best to maintain quantities that meet our customers' needs. For this purpose, when starting work with a new client, we rely on forecasts for the required quantities on a monthly basis. We do this to ensure that sufficient volumes of the products used are available.

For questions and queries you can contact us at the phone number or e-mail.